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Get extra income without spending too much on logistics.


Get more sales with our hassle - free deliveries round the clock.


Save your hiring cost and partner with our efficient expertise logistics.

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Satisfy any craving with delivery from popular neighbourhood restaurants and chains.


Support AAPI-owned restaurants

Donate your change at checkout to National ACE, to support restayrants impacted by the panedemic.


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Discover more deals and restaurant rewards near you. Cash in on Perks and get $100s in savings.


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We are experienced working with all kinds of businesses from e-commerce, brick and mortar, restaurants, florists, clinics to college individuals, and law firms.

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Once you download the Getchya app (available on IOS and Android), you may register as a customer. You will then have the opportunity to input the items or items you wish to have picked up or delivered.
Once an order has been placed, you will receive a series of four notifications (when your order has been accepted, when your order has been picked up, when your Getchya driver is near, and when your item has been delivered). You can also monitor your Getchya driver with live updates in the app itself.
There is a flat fee of $7 flat fee plus an incurred fee per mile. Furthermore, if you are a business.
Once you place your first order as a Getchya customer, you will have the option to have the same driver deliver your items again if you were satisfied with how your delivery was carried out. You will always have the option to use the driver of your choice, you can even book them in advance!
If you are not satisfied with how your order was carried out you can file a claim, and the Getchya team will investigate any wrongdoings or mistakes. If the investigation concludes that there has been any issues on our end, the customer will be reimbursed.

After placing a pickup request it can sometimes take a few minutes to find a driver, as it is scanning for all drivers in the area. Please do not close out of the app and restart until you are given a “no drivers in the area” message. Then you can replace the order again.

When placing an order please provide as much information as possible, including the name for pickup (if necessary at pickup location), size of package, name of establishment, and any other information you feel can help the driver reach your package pickup easily.

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